Our Approach

We strongly believe that moving in a successful direction requires a clearly defined strategy. Without it, our customers will not achieve the desired results. We strive to make you not just satisfied but successful.  

All clients start out their engagement with us by completing a Modernization and Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment. 

 Modernization and Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

The Modernization and Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment targets your current pain points. It assesses your plant's overall readiness and identifies high impact, value-added targets for your modernization and transformation investments.  

The Modernization and Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment is a structured package that includes:

  • 60 minute kick-off meeting with Plant Manager and key stakeholders.
  • One day on-site that includes interviewing key personnel and walking the plant floor to assess your current technology and level of automation.
  • Internal review and followup interviews ( via phone, email and video conferencing) related to the focus areas identified.
  • External research related to developing a high level strategic roadmap for the identified focus areas.
  • Development of an executive summary that includes business insights and recommended high level, actionable next steps.
  • 90 minute closing briefing for plant manager and key management team.

The executive summary is delivered on average within 30 days after the kick-off meeting.  

Post Assessment Consulting Package

Intelligent Industrial Strategies provides customized consulting packages that guides you through your modernization and digital transformation journey. Our post assessment consulting service digs deeper into the high level, actionable steps identified in the Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment. We work with you to develop a detailed, long range strategic plan to execute your digital transformation and modernization.

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your digital transformation. Chat with us, and learn more about how our process works. 

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