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What makes us unique?

  • We are low risk. Our inital consultations do not require a significant investment.
  • We do not re-hash the importance of the digital transformation. Instead, we work with you to bring together the various silos of data into actionable information that helps you run your manufacturing facility.
  • We are completely agnostic. IIS focuses on the big picture strategy and works with many partners in developing a strategic roadmap that works for you.
  • We emphasize utilizing your current assets to the fullest potential. Too many vendors recommend a rip and replace solution. In many instances, legacy equipment provides adequate data that gets you started on your digital transformation. We can be as bleeding edge or as backward compatible as needed to provide the best strategy for you. We believe in supplementing exiting assets with new technology as needed to better achieve results.
  • We leverage the latest proven technology and apply it to manufacturing to increase business performance.
  • As we work with you building your strategic roadmap, we develop realistic budgets and timelines that are required to reach your goals. 
  • We address your challenges worth solving and leave the implementation to the platform deployment experts. There are several excellent companies out there that have the expertise to configure and deploy the platforms. We aim to select the right platforms to reach your goals. 
  • We are incentivized purely on the success of your project. We are not looking for the problem to fit a solution.

Our Process

Moving forward with any new technology can be a challenge for manufacturing. We help you find the best technological solution that scales with you, provides the interoperability between your multiple systems throughout the facility and does it in a safe and secure manner. 

We begin with an analysis and consultation to determine where your manufacturing process is today. From there, we will brainstorm potential solutions that will address your pain points and opportunities to increase efficiency and increase profitability. These potential solutions are not one size fits all solutions and may not come from one vendor, but agnostically selected solutions that are customized to best meet your facility's needs. Our solutions not only address the technology but address challenges with the workforce adapting to the changes.  

We then work with you to select which solutions will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Finally, we assemble a strategic roadmap so your digital transformation can be executed.

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Meet Tim

Tim's professional career started over twenty years ago as an engineering intern helping to startup and validate a new pharmaceutical line. He knew right away that manufacturing was his calling. Since then, Tim has held many plant floor positions in engineering, maintenance, production, packaging and supply chain. Furthermore, he worked on specifying, designing, developing, deploying and commissioning several control systems and information systems over numerous platforms in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals and life sciences.  

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. 

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